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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Boulder! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Boulder, CO. As the most successful animal control company in the area, we have been voted #1 for three years in a row, while our consistent 5-star reviews on sites like Yelp and Facebook will tell you that we are a company to be trusted. From your first call and dealing with your enquiries, through to removing animals quickly and efficiently, we aim to provide the very highest standards of customer service. We can offer an indication of cost over the phone, while we also look to work fast and get an animal removal expert to your property within 24 hours. We pride ourselves in dealing with pest animals as humanely as possible, and when it comes to animals like squirrels or bats, exclusion measures are even more effective than traps in resolving the problem. Exclusion is a particularly attractive option as it will get rid of every single animal without harming any of them, and saves having to relocate and release animals. Our technicians are also fully trained in building repairs to handle any damage that has been caused, and can also fully sanitize and clean any areas where there has been animal activity, to ensure your home is safe for you and your family. Call us now at 720-727-0028 for your Boulder wildlife control needs.

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Boulder Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Obvious Signs of Flying Squirrels in the Colorado Attic

Flying squirrels may look adorable and cuddly but you still don’t want them near your Boulder property. They may not be as destructive as the other types of squirrels but they have been linked to different health risks. They can also lead to various problems if their presence remains undetected. You will need to be familiar with the common sign of their infestation to avoid costly repairs and emergency visit to hospitals.

Signs of Active Colorado Flying Squirrel Infestation

For those who lack the experience, it can be challenging to determine the difference between flying squirrel infestations to the other types of squirrels. The only way to be sure is through visual sightings. Both of them will have similar behaviors and may have health risks and damages associated with their presence. Here are some of the signs of an active infestation of flying squirrel.

Visual Sightings

It is relatively common for the Boulder flying squirrels to be spotted on trees compared to other species of squirrels. They also have a unique membrane that you won’t find in grey and ground squirrels. The population of their colony will be bigger than the others. They have a smaller size than other species. Since they are nocturnal species, it would be difficult to encounter them. In case you are hearing noises in your attic at night, you will be able to find out the source of the strange noises by inspecting your attic.


Another way to determine their presence is through the damages that your house has incurred. For instance, you may notice some urine and dropping marks on the insulation in your attic. There should also be visible claw and teeth marks. If your house is close to a tree and you have a small hole that cannot be used by the ground or grey squirrel, then it is possible that you have a flying squirrel. You should also listen to the scurrying and scampering noise that they create at night.


If there are elements that will attract the attention of flying squirrels in your yard, do not be surprised that you will encounter them in your attic. For instance, trees that are located close to the roof will make is easier for the creature to glide on the roof. Fallen fruits and nuts will also be major attractants. Any possible food sources such as pet food that you will leave at night will also invite them. In the event that you noticed that the fruits or pet food has been missing, then a flying squirrel can possibly be the culprit.

After you determine that you indeed have a Boulder flying squirrel problem, you will need to get rid of them. Removal will be effective especially if it is conducted appropriately. You may use a live trap and use bait that the flying squirrel naturally eats. Once you capture them, you need to know if releasing them away from your property will be permitted under the local legislation. You should also seal the entry points to prevent them from returning to your attic.