How to Remove the Boulder Fox That Lives Under Your Shed or Porch

If you encounter a Boulder fox that lives under your shed or porch, there is a possibility that they are not alone. If you discovered them in the month of March to April, the mother and father fox will usually accompany them. After 10 weeks of being born, their parents will then take them away for a quick trip at wild. During fall season, the pack of fox should have left your premises. If you are willing to wait for them to vacate your shed, then your house can incur severe damages.

Ways to Remove the Foxes under the Shed or Porch

The Colorado foxes are known to hunt smaller animals, be sure to keep your pets indoor if you have a fox living under the shed. To avoid this unfortunate situation, you will need to get rid of them immediately.

Frighten the Boulder Fox

You will need to create ruckus and loud noises close to the den of the fox especially at night. You should be in your shed and create noise vigorously on the shed’s floor. You can stomp on the floor forcefully. You may also place a radio on your shed and turn it on the talk station. It does not have to be loud; the sound should only be enough for the voices to be audible. Fox despises the presence of human activity and will find the voices uncomfortable.

Eliminate their Food Source

The Colorado fox will choose to move out on their own if there is no accessible food source close to their den. You will need to think of ways that will restrict their access to their food source. If possible, you should feed your dog or cat indoors. You also need to clear their dishes once they have finished their food. Invest on a trashcan with a secured lid and a locking mechanism. If you have compost in your yard, avoid adding meat that can attract the interest of the fox.

Install Barriers

After you remove the Colorado fox under the porch, you will need to make sure that they will never return under the shed. A good way to do this is to add barriers or fences that will prevent them from accessing the space under the porch. You may use wire mesh or hardware cloth when sealing the place. Make sure that it is buried at least a foot below the ground since the fox are persistent and can easily dig up the ground.

Before conducting the removal method, remember that some species of Boulder fox are protected under the Wildlife Service Endangered Species Law. According to the law, it is illegal to wound, shoot, trap, hunt, pursue, kill, capture, harm, collect, and harass the creatures that are included in the endangered list. Your state may also have a unique requirements and regulations when trapping the fox. You may call the local wildlife center that will educate you about the guidelines on removing the foxes. You should also hire the service of the professionals if you find the process too complicated.

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