Can Colorado Mice Enter the Building through Your Plumbing System?

Mice are crafty and clever Boulder animals and will find various ways to enter our house. They may not usually use our plumbing system to invade a structure but this situation is highly possible. They may end up in our toilet or in other parts that is connected with our pipes. This may sound like a scene on a horror movie but it does happen in real life.

The Mice in Your Toilet

The Colorado mice have an incredible physical capability. This enables them to invade our house using our pipes. This is why you will need to completely rodent-proof your house. Certain techniques will help you keep the mice out of your plumbing system. While it is important to focus on their mode of entry, it is also essential to pay attention to their certain kills that enables them to use our pipes. 

How Boulder Mice Can Use our Pipes as Access Point

In order to understand how these Colorado animals are getting access through your plumbing system, it is important to remain aware about their physical capacity. Mice have the ability to travel great distance. They can move at an average of 1 mile. They have the capacity to hang their body upside down. Their body can fit at a hole with a diameter of ¼ inch. They have an incredible jumping skill and will cover a distance of 18 inches. They can also drop from a height of 8 feet without acquiring any injuries. These skills are all essential to use the pipes as their access point.

Foods Are Getting Flushed in the Drain

A lot of foods are being flushed into the drain that may attract the attention of the Colorado mice. Even the excrement of humans contains organic matter that the mice will consider as foods. They will not be disgusted by the scent since they have different nutritional needs. Due to their persistence in hunting for food, they might end up in our toilet while swimming and hunting for foods.

Ways to Deter This Habit

In order to prevent them from appearing in your toilet, it is recommended to add cap on your sewer pipe. Unfortunately, once you limit their access to their food, you might find yourself dealing with the dead bodies of the mice. They are stubborn creatures and will not be easily be deterred by your simple methods. You will need to check the cap regularly to make sure that it is still in good condition. You will be able to avoid the unnecessary expenses by keeping them out of your house.

The presence of Boulder mice activity should be taken seriously. Mice use our pipes as an excellent opening to access our house. You will need to take special care of your building to ensure that there will be no gaps and crevices that they can use. In case you are not using the plumbing system for years, it may become habitable to the mice. Call the help of the experts immediately to address your problem.

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